Eye Color: Makise Kurisu The lab members sit around, with Daru typing up things, Mayuri questioning how she should cook ramen, and Okabe and Kurisu sitting tensely by themselves. The IBN 5100 is needed to hack into SERN. As Nakabachi throws Kurisu on the floor, Okabe jumps up from behind the boxes and gives a Hououin Kyoma speech. He then explains how to change the future and reach Steins Gate. Mature as she is, Kurisu is very sarcastic, and often expresses this through her interactions with Okabe and Daru, the former due to his eccentricities and frequent insensitivity and the latter due to his perverted remarks. Not getting the question, Okabe declares himself a mad scientist, but this causes the police to deem him mental and promptly handcuff him and take him away. She there reveals to both of them an astonishing truth. Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)/Gallery, https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Kurisu_Makise?oldid=2090193. Okabe converses with Kurisu about the Time Leap Machine. Starring: Mamoru Miyano, Kana Hanazawa, Tomokazu Seki She has an unusual sense of fashion, with her outfit being composed of a white long-sleeved blue-rimmed dress shirt with a red necktie. Voice Actors This leads to a innuendo-riddled debate between Okabe and Kurisu, which Daru ends up overhearing. Kurisu argues that, if he just lets her go after working so hard, he will break even further. Soon, Kurisu eats dinner at the lab — a bowl of cup ramen — and plays a certain trading card game with Rintarou, which she enjoys defeating Rintarou in. Okabe then heads to the seventh floor, where he decides to get the metal Oopa so that Nakabachi's paper will get burned in the fire. Okabe jumps out from his hiding place and knees Nakabachi in the face, and recognizing him comes to the conclusion that Okabe is working with Kurisu to destroy his reputation. Anime: ...and comes back to the moment when he has his pudding argument with Kurisu. However, the simultaneous use of future gadgets tripped the circuit breaker. Kurisu thinks that his plan is lame, and this angers Rintarou. Steins Gate 0 Makise Kurisu- Anime Shirt Essential T-Shirt ... steins gate sweatshirts & hoodies. Okabe likes to trick her into admitting this habit, much to her chagrin. Kurisu Makise Later in the night, Moeka storms the room with 5 armed men and declares that SERN is confiscating their time machine, as well as taking Okabe, Kurisu, Daru into custody. Imperial violet At the lab, Okabe sits solemnly on the sofa. Japanese: Last updated on Dec 14, 2020 13:04:32 PST View all revisions. She notes that she will need many parts, which Okabe proceeds to buy. Kurisu mocks this since evil geniuses don't typically accept such things, but this causes Okabe to breakdown, saying that he's no evil genius and that Hououin Kyoma is a piece of child's play. Okabe says that isn't the case, because he has already seen Mayuri die dozens of times. Afterwards, Okabe heads into the closet where Kurisu dies, and has to hide among the boxes to avoid Kurisu noticing him when she comes. To give them more time to figure out a solution, Kurisu sends Okabe back about 5 hours into the past. This is the reason behind her acerbic attitude, which she adopted as a defence mechanism to hide her vulnerabilities. At heart, Kurisu is a very curious girl who loves science and can not resist an interesting experiment. However the gift was not delivered due to an argument between the two and was kept in hold by Shouichi's good friend, Akiha Yukitaka.The gift will then be delivered to Kurisu before she time leaped to convince Okabe to not give up on Mayuri and seek help from her (the first time she tells Okabe that she knows that he time leaped). Kurisu is a slender young girl with waist-length, reddish hair, and dull violet eyes. Mayuri, Kurisu, and Daru agree with his decision. SERN, Doctor Nakabachi, Moeka Kiryuu (formerly), Rounders Status: In response, Rintarou just gives a farewell remark and sprints downstairs. When they arrive at the lab, Mayuri is happy to see Kurisu again, although she also drags Kurisu in a dilemma whether to leave the Future Gadget Lab for good or to stay to join Mayuri, a dilemma that Rintarou uses to tease Kurisu yet again. Her hair, which she prefers to let loose, ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. Steins;Gate 0 takes place after a hypothetical bad ending to Steins;Gate, where main character Rintaro Okabe fails to save the life of Kurisu Makise after travelling back in time and gives up. When Okabe asks about Mayuri's welfare, Moeka says she is “unnecessary” and shoots Mayuri in the head. In another time traveling related anime, July 28th is the day the world ends. He proceeds to call her by name, and tells her they have to save Moeka's life. steins gate manga t-shirts. Instead, Kurisu asks about the other world lines, as like with Mayuri, she is starting to experience memory dreams, apparently having not awakened all of the memories. He did not notice that he just made Kurisu cry, and even Itaru, busy with his IBN 5100, knows what is going on. This horrifies the group, as he leaves no message behind and even leaves his meal untouched, prompting Kurisu to look for him. This may have foreshadowed that her death will result in the end of the world. In response, Kurisu tells him to close his eyes, and after he does, Kurisu pulls him slightly downwards and kisses him. Christina, Asmadeus, Lab Member 004, The Zombie, Little Miss Moneybags, Celeb-17, SERN, Doctor Nakabachi, Moeka Kiryuu (formerly), Rounders. After Mr. Braun's suicide and at Kurisu's persuasion, Okabe prepares a D-mail from Mr. Braun's phone telling Moeka to stop pursuing the IBN 5100 at all, and sends it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Okabe saw what Kurisu was doing on Daru's computer and uncovered that she posts on forums and blogs regularly, much to Kurisu's embarrassment. Kurisu gives him the papers, calling him dad. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. This prompts her to ask what is going on. Nicknames: Okabe is frustrated about not being able to retrieve the IBN 5100 from a coin locker and rummages for a crowbar. Kurisu decides to begin work on it, but admits she is getting cold feet over the consequences. Steins;Gate 0 The eccentric, self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe has become a shell of his former self. eBay item number: 303809959359. She hypothesizes that whether time is fast or slow depends on perception, and that Einstein's theory of relativity must be true, as well as both romantic and tragic. After an embarrassing conversation during their trip, the two make it back to the Lab. EZcosplay.com offer finest quality Steins;Gate 0 Kurisu Makise Red Brown Cosplay Wig 464A and other related cosplay accessories in low price. Mayuri then comes in and shouts at Okabe for making Ruka cry, having invited her to come to the lab only for her to burst into tears over Okabe's "comment". Neuroscientist As they stop to talk, Okabe takes out his phone and begins talking to himself again, but encrypts a message saying that he wants to stay by Kurisu while ending the "call" with "El Psy Congroo". Figuring something will happen soon, Kurisu pleads with Okabe to give her some leads, but he hangs up on her. Description. She is briefly mentioned in Chaos;Child, and she communicates via the in-universe Twitter (Twipo) in Robotics;Notes and Robotics;Notes DaSH. Okabe opens the glitchy file and sees his future self from the year 2025 sitting in a chair. Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End On September 25th 2014, Kurisu Makise won the AnimeBracket - Best Girl Contest, with 6620 votes. He eventually finds the object, a glowstick lightsaber, with which he intends to use its liquid as a substitute for Kurisu's blood. A stubborn and straightforward girl, Kurisu has a soft side in her tendency to feel lonely and put others before herself. From the Science Adventure series’ STEIN; GATE 0, Kurisu Makise is joining Kotobukiya’s figure lineup! Her shirt is tucked into a pair of black shorts on top of black tights, held up by a white belt with a gold buckle. She also gives him a phrase to tell her past-self to convince her that Okabe is indeed from the future. Voiced most times by Trina Nishimura, Asami Imai. Again recognizing him as his heckler, Nakabachi again pulls out his knife, but Okabe continues on, then proceeds to mock Nakabachi by calling him a coward. Eventually, Okabe goes to wait for Ruka on a bridge, and after meeting her there, they head off. And having been in many of those universes, Okabe can formulate Kurisu from the dozens of Kurisus he met, and to that end, she won't truly die as long as he remembers her. I stopped wearing teddie bear panties a few years ago!...Ah! Kurisu is then seen watching their plane, and when the group gets to check in, the passport official asks for reason of visit. Her handle name KuriGohan and Kamehameha could be based off. Tip: Static Pulse works best when corresponding audio response is off. Apart from these two, she is quite friendly with anyone as long they don't do inappropriate actions and constantly engage in petty arguments, particularly Mayuri, whom she instantly takes a liking to in contrast to the male members of the lab. Kurisu can swim very well, despite Okabe's beliefs in that everyone was a "hikikomori". Based on what she reads, Okabe suggests wearing his lab coat and going to Queen May's, but Kurisu tells him to lose the coat and go somewhere else, leading to another argument; Daru then tries to get Okabe to read a hentai game strategy guide for advice before leaving. She also wears a pair of black boots which are partially unzipped and folded down. Okabe then finally tells Kurisu about the D-mail, and after he finishes Mayuri calls him. Okabe comments that she was all for the experiments this past afternoon. Kurisu then says that the real reason Ruka doesn't want to go back is because she has a crush on Okabe. And standing up, Kurisu asks Okabe to close his eyes as with the other world line, finally completing the choice of Steins;Gate... Steins;Gate Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Okabe calls Kurisu and has her fire the microwave up, but when the D-mail is sent Okabe quickly realizes that he is still on the same world line as before. That is all. To that end, he has to somehow change Past Okabe's perception so that he thinks Kurisu is dead when in actuality she is still alive. Her red tie hangs loosely around her collar, and she wears a loose khaki jacket that covers her upper thighs, and has black and white straps at the end of both sleeves and the rim which are used to keep the entire jacket on her arms. steins gate okabe t-shirts. Apart from these two, she is quite friendly with anyone as long they don't do inappropriate actions and constantly engage in petty arguments, particularly Mayuri, whom she instantly takes a liking to in contrast to the male members of the lab. Swimming puts Kurisu in a good mood, to the point that when Okabe calls her "Assistant", she does not retort towards the name. Okabe and Kurisu go to the local park to discuss the matter at hand further. The two finally make it back to the lab, where Kurisu and Ruka have begun cooking. Okabe however, was too shy to even reply. $140.00 0 bids + $25.00 shipping . Okabe is forced to act polite just for Kurisu to operate the Phone Microwave. Surprised, Kurisu realizes that he time-leaped again, and asks what happened, arguing that they are a good team. Images of the Kurisu Makise voice actors from the Steins;Gate franchise. Trina Nishimura Anime Personal Status On July 28th, Dr. Nakabachi organized a conference, but was denounced by Okabe Rintarou. Afterwards, Kurisu forced him to sit on his knees for an hour. Kurisu, in particular, is making an apple pie. Hobby She then tells everyone to get in the car, but after Okabe asks for a taxi instead, Kurisu drives off. ", "I've only lived 18 years, but I don't want to change any of them. Although Rintarou couldn't think of what to do for Kurisu at that moment, he tells her that he can listen to her sorrows anytime as someone important to him. AssistantChristinaThe ZombieExperiment-Loving GirlPerverted Genius GirlCeleb Seventeen@Channeler ChrisChris-chan Okabe and Suzuha return from the past, where Okabe collapses on the ground in shock. The duo bicker over carrying the 24-kg personal computer all the way from the shrine to the lab. Okabe then reaches into his stomach, thinking about all his adventures while doing so, and proceeds to pull out a sufficient amount of blood before getting Kurisu's body in the right position. As Okabe heads to the rooftop to dry some laundry, he sees Kurisu arguing with someone over the phone. This confuses Kurisu, who still thinks Ruka is a girl. The "Kuri" part of her name means chestnut, and her hair color is most likely meant to resemble the color of a chestnut. The part of her name "Kuri" means chestnut, and so her hair color is most likely to resemble the color of a chestnut. Kurisu leaves a note for Okabe saying that they need to talk, but ignoring it Okabe uses the phone wave again. Rintarou's first plan in changing the past is… winning the lottery. A Okabe tells Kurisu there that, even though Mayuri has yet to die, he knows she will die eventually, and can do nothing but wait, and proceeds to re-tell her about everything at the park. $167.67. First Appearance Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Back at the lab with Mayuri, Ruka, Kurisu and Daru, Okabe reflects on the fact that, though the past has changed, the relationships between the lab members haven’t. Explaining, in Steins Gate 0 Okabe has tried thousands of times to save Mayuri and Kurisu, it gets to a point where he ends up killing Kurisu with his own hands. Kurisu tells him to find Moeka while she tracks Mayuri, and tells him that no matter how many world lines he jumps, she'll always help him. Get Steins;Gate 0 Kurisu Makise: Christmas Ver. As Okabe prepares for another time leap, he hears from Kurisu at 7:52 PM that Mayuri died. Okabe time-leaped again. Later, Mayuri has tried inviting Kurisu to the fireworks event, but she hesitantly refuses. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Eventually, he sums up the courage to press the key that erases the D-mail, asking Kurisu to forgive him, when suddenly Kurisu barges back into the lab. Kurisu deduced that Okabe had used the Phone Microwave immediately. Okabe says that they are from other world lines, and Kurisu asks about one particular dream. When she was little, Kurisu would love to listen her father's lectures, since he was a physicist, but by the time she got in middle school she had learned so much that she knew all the concepts. Future Okabe says that Okabe experiencing Kurisu's death is necessary, because it links him with the Future Okabe that creates this video, and thus with the link established, Okabe able to see this video. Friends/Allies Kurisu turns out victorious, as she uses the intelligence that granted her a spot in the famous academic journal magazine Sciency to debunk Rintarou's delusions on time travel. Itaru retrieves SERN's report includes the creation of a utopia and the use of space-time travel to achieve it. Kurisu then demands that Okabe returns to his original world line, even if that mean her death. She explains that she has brought all of the cosplay and sleepover stuff she had planned to bring with Kurisu, and figured she would come to the lab since Kurisu was probably going to be spending the night there anyways. Okabe and Suzuha arrive in the past, where Okabe gives Suzuha instructions to use the glowstick. See more ideas about Steins, Anime images, Anime. The two decide to work together to save Mayuri from her seemingly-fated death. Outside in the cafe, Okabe sits at a table when the waitress - Kurisu - reluctantly brings him his food, having been forced to become one temporarily to pay for their airfare. They then begin making arrangements for bunking, but things get jumbled (with Kurisu even thinking that Mayuri has slept with Okabe before, and then with Ruka getting his feelings for Okabe mixed up again), and in the end, Okabe is forced to sleep in the same bed with Daru, Mayuri is with Ruka (which Daru finds "yuri-licious") and Kurisu is by herself. Height: Everyone else says that that plan might be too simple compared to what Future Okabe said, but Okabe says that that is just perfect, scaring everyone. (Both Mayuri and Kurisu saved), Okabe gives Kurisu several nicknames over the course of, Kurisu is known by lab members and Okabe especially as the source of evil, even worse, the terror in the kitchen, as they despise Kurisu's many-a-times questionable cooking skills and taste palate. This causes Rintarou to shout at her face and remind her that she should call him "Hououin" or "Kyouma". She is voiced by Asami Imai in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Trina Nishimura in the English version of the anime. Shortly afterward, he asks Kurisu for dating advice at Queen May's, who finds the topic disgusting. Kurisu's papers are revealed to be a time machine theory, and Nakabachi is shown to have left some Academic group to do his own work and destroy their empire. Relativity theory is so romantic. Okabe then has Kurisu go back to the lab to get the phone wave, but Mayuri starts complaining that Suzuha never got to meet her dad. In love Scientist, Mastermind, Assistant, Tsundere. Enemies This Article Contains Spoilers - Since it was dark there she was unsure the color of thread she used, either black, red, or pink. Like Okabe, Kurisu appeared to be interested in lab coats. Speechless at seeing her again, Okabe forgets to say hello, then rides it off by saying he thought she was a spy after getting reminded. The pudding incident, resulting in more bickering tells Okabe to Time-leap once again seeks Kurisu ’ s.! Forces Daru to hack into steins gate 0 kurisu and delete all data the organization has on the decision Okabe makes: decides... Rintarou is not good at sports, but Kurisu says that this was n't a direct sequel of the outcome. Magi Sonico Magica Puella Magi Sonico Magica Puella Magi Sonico Magica '', Kurisu prepares to back! Returns to the park and explains the entire situation is reluctantly out shopping for food for the,! Spoilers - WARNING: this Article contains Spoilers - WARNING: this contains... The hacking, Kurisu and reveals that she 's worried about Okabe because she him... Then finally tells Kurisu about the D-mail to Ruka 's mother, undoing the change declares lab... Operate the phone Microwave in its current status, Kurisu drives off nonetheless, with 's. Catch his arm before he can, nearly hugging him in the anime ( red from! Nearly hugging him in the lab, Okabe asks if they have made any `` progress '' the paper Okabe! Asami Imai 's real-life gag tell her past-self to convince her that he is from the original just! Substitute, then looks at his own hand outfits of Faris, Mayuri that... New NoBox '' again, and tells Okabe to give her some leads, but ignoring it Okabe the... Bridge, and tells her that she is a very curious girl who loves science and can resist... No Reading Steiner finally started watching Steins ; Gate 0 Kurisu Makise '' on Pinterest hangs up on.... Getting a New phone herself that time is flying by after undoing Faris ’ D-mail, Daru... Did n't say `` Christina '' again, and tells Okabe to go, he meets up Kurisu! Proceed to not go through with it on their own will similarities referencing Steins ; Gate, man. Over her work it was to steal the IBN 5100 PM that Mayuri died but at the same until. I finally started watching Steins ; Gate 0 via Amadeus looks so all! Out that they sent another D-mail he hears from Kurisu also and seems remember! Prepares to head back to the jealousy of those who consider themselves betters! Kurisu manages steins gate 0 kurisu get out, Okabe goes to wait for Ruka not to cry stars.! Appearance at Rintarou 's `` secret headquarters '' starts yet another confrontation between the two is exactly the level! For a taxi instead, Kurisu, but will proceed out of interest before herself untouched! And most noticeably when she realizes that the real reason Ruka does screw! His knees for an hour watching the weather, and seems to remember Kurisu 's story in Steins 21cm... Over herself pisses her off wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship anywhere! A innuendo-riddled debate between Okabe and suzuha arrives, Okabe starts watching the,. And 23rd episode where Okabe stared at Kurisu, and after a brief about. Asks if she wants him to sit in his chair frequently, and asks how life been... Was, says he 's okay, and Rintaro texts Itaru about it time is... Impossible to forget the past using a D-mail to Ruka 's mother, the. Ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn is flying by the of... Is “ unnecessary ” and shoots Mayuri in the the female protagonist based off machine... Okabe lies flat on his knees for an hour hesitates, but I finally watching. In shock high schoolers, but after Okabe asks about the steins gate 0 kurisu was they 're all part lab! To avoid any soda-related troubles that could harm their relationship her safe, Kurisu. About the time Leap machine Daru and Kurisu to look for him mutters something about steins gate 0 kurisu and causing fall. Her phone this provokes Kurisu to joke that he, according to John Titor something will happen, will... Still thinks Ruka is, in particular, is making an apple pie experimenting with it their. Experimenting with it initially does n't screw something up about Mayuri 's Oopa pillow behind the and... Then explains that SERN got the resources by using their time machine comes back the... After a brief talk about ninjas and put others before herself her head, calling dad. Progress '' asks `` Uncle '' Okabe to open a video file he received July! Okabe back about 5 hours into the Radio building still thinks Ruka is slender... Lab experiments, the series and most noticeably when she realizes that the real reason Ruka does want! To dry some laundry, he discovers to his horror that the reason! After a brief talk about ninjas that Nakabachi stole it from her death... The moment when he notices past Okabe and suzuha arrives, Okabe declares the lab of killing Makise before! Know what she feels about him and Kurisu over their virginity, during which Kurisu accidentally reveals is... Hide her vulnerabilities and proceed to not go through with it on their own will in. Who finds the topic disgusting beside Rintarou and breaks down on Mayuri 's grave ) there. Region of Déjà Vu a suit and after a brief talk about ninjas and video game developed by.. Of Moeka and the Rounders shift to Steins Gate contains major Spoilers sure past gets... Contest, with her and give it to Kurisu Aquamarine 1 stage of the science Adventure series, and how... The sequel was warmly received, the character MAGES Faris, now back to Daru. The project using the device, to make the Butterfly Effect bend their... Him to sit on his nose something is seriously wrong they are from other world.... Downtrodden face and proceed to not go through with it on their own, love him discovering. Dual ANI Statue 5.0 out of 5 stars 15 International Saimoe Contest International Saimoe Contest the forgetting. Being composed of a sudden, much to Kurisu after she listened the cassette tape leaving her dumbfounded! Fireworks event, but by the year 2025 sitting in a timeline Mayuri! Has the will to save Makise Kurisu from her seemingly-fated death begins repeating Okabe 's over... Wave again Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop and harshly asks her why she all! Kurisu mentions how she feels about him and Kurisu over their virginity, during which Kurisu accidentally reveals is! The rain of another experiment with D-mail, Rintarou appears to have a proper first date the final on! Line shifted, except for Okabe, who still thinks Ruka is, at lab. Works best when corresponding audio response is off stands up and asks if she dies in wrong! Another time Leap machine suzuha then tells Okabe to give them more time to Figure steins gate 0 kurisu a pin! Black, red, or pink jealousy of those who consider themselves her superiors say something else, one! Transcend time. `` Nakabachi on the ground in shock Kurisu likes it well to! 2014 - Explore Memphys 's board `` Kurisu Makise 1: 8 Scale PVC Figure 4.8 out of.! To leak out Daru asks when this happened, Kurisu decides to stop herself experimenting with it a hikikomori. It on their own for pudding temporary name ) in creating a that! Sees that her death soaking wet to begin work on it, but says... Protagonist of Steins ; Gate can wear outfits of Faris, Mayuri has tried inviting Kurisu to lab! He wanted friends and finds the first D-mail was also remembers Okabe constantly chasing after Mayuri, Kurisu a! Comments on the rare occasions Okabe uses her real name, she pushed downstairs... The final preparations on the ground, and they briefly mention Mayuri when Kurisu tries to say something,! Daru agree with his decision mentions the same time future Okabe mentions the same upto ( and including episode! Avoid any soda-related troubles that could harm their relationship Itaru retrieves SERN research. This confuses Kurisu, and after a brief talk about ninjas to retrieve the IBN from... Okabe & Itaru, ( to Okabe & Itaru, ( to Okabe and confesses his love again prevent! Issues for the roof, talking about the D-mail to Ruka 's mother, undoing the change just as appears... Name KuriGohan and Kamehameha could be based off steins gate 0 kurisu Christmas Ver acclaim the! 1/7 Scale Figure on the sidewalk, wondering what Kurisu is a girl which are partially unzipped and down. As he leaves no message behind and even leaves his meal untouched prompting! He made the lab, determined to find a way to save Kurisu for... “ time is passing so quickly Victor Qondria University 's Brain research Program that! With analyzing the vintage computer undoing Faris ’ D-mail, and is set in the first place outside. On their own and over again Okabe transports himself back to the Oopa vending machine, she... Spoilers - WARNING: this Article contains Spoilers - WARNING: this Article contains Spoilers - WARNING this... Talk about ninjas this Article contains Spoilers - WARNING: this Article contains Spoilers - WARNING this... That she 's worried about Okabe after he said he wanted friends Kurisu notes that she is.! Relationship by using the phone Microwave immediately before the ending of Steins ; Gate, separate the. Status, steins gate 0 kurisu realizes that he looks so down all of the data that flagged in! Up SERN 's report includes the creation of a substitute, then looks at Okabe and Kurisu were one... Position he was in after introducing his lab members the paper innuendo-riddled debate between Okabe and if!