This equals more low … thanks in advance. 9. My gut would say 140-150 mains but I would also never think you'd be at 10-1 with 125's and 34 vents. WEBER CARBURETORS 40 / 44 48 IDF-XE Part Number # 92.3240.05CB Late style IDF XE shown Early style can be identified by its cam and roller style accelerator pump action. To get the right ballpark jet size in theory for weber ict’s you times the Venturi’s by 5 (29mm x5), then add a little (this only works for ict’s not bigger DRLA’s or Dual 40’s). Weber DCOE Venturi's ... Weber 40 & 44 IDF Venturi's Venturi for Weber 48 IDA and Empi 48/51 EPC's. Specs: 2110cc cb 044 heads (35.5/40) mild cam (engle 110) 009 distributor with pertronix electronic module and matching coil. How to Tune Weber IDF Carburettor. I have a 1972 VW bug. Hi all, I have posted this in other forums...but I'm looking for any experience or advice on a Carburetor issue. The drawing will open in a new window. WEBER CARBS, Carburettors, Jets, Emulsion tubes, Conversion Kits, Air Filters, Linkages, Rebuild Kits, Yeah, good luck with that. I ran it with the solex 34 pict carberator but it was running too lean. Our dual carburetor Jet Boxes (737 series) are supplied with: 4 sizes of main jets with 4 each, 4 sizes air jets with 4 each. On this page you will find all currently available parts for the Weber IDF series carburetors. Weber has made dozens of different models of carburetors throughout the years. The first issue was the linkage. I presume its jetting, so here I am asking for you advice. Proper idle jets are very important to a Weber's performance ( this assumes there is no vacuum leaks or other carb problems check here) Idle Speed Screw should be no more than 1 1/2 turns in (Fig 1) Poor Idle. Yellow73. Weber IDF Carburetors - Setting up out of the box So, you just got a new set of Weber IDF carburetors, and you just pulled them out of the box. I have installed 1915 cylinders stock cam and heads. for ICTs, you need a 57 or 60 idle jet; for IDAs, the idle jet you need will depend on whether your carb has 2 … Speed screw ¼ to ½ turn in after contact with lever maximum. If you order a set, they may come to you in the ballpark, but every engine is different, even two engines built with the same parts. Rebuilding a Weber 40/44/48 IDF . Newbie. Created on 2011-03-04 by IPD Staff. writes: Heads are as cast bugpack SE's . A 44 IDF would need a 55 idle jet, and a 48 IDF would need a 60 idle jet. 9. PUMP JET.50.80.50: IDLE JET.50.65.55: VENTURI: 28mm : NOTE: Drill 2mm Hole in each Throttle Valve of Single Carb. Check rule of thumb for idle jet selection on the other side of this page. Buy GENUINE WEBER 44 IDF MASTER OVERHAUL KIT 44 IDF REBUILD KIT: ... We do not have any recommendations at this time Continue shopping Image Unavailable. Image not available for Color: VIDEOS 360° VIEW ... Acarte Carburetor Carbon Dirt Jet Cleaner Tool Kit 10 Cleaning Needles with 5 Brushes 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,664. Our single carburetor Jet Boxes (737 series) are supplied with: 4 sizes of main jets with 2 each, 4 sizes air jets, with 2each. Unfortunately -- unlike some other brands -- many Weber carburetors are made up almost entirely of unique parts that are not used by any other model. Initial jetting is always a SWAG and each engine is unique. You'll be bitching in short order about how crappy … Very few parts interchange from one model to another, and exactly zero parts were used on every Weber carburetor model. The kit arrives with an assortment of ⃜O' rings, two accelerator pump diaphragms, and a mix of fiber gaskets, none of which will probably be the same as the one you remove! WEBER 48 IDF: Factory Sizes WEBER 44 IDF: Factory Sizes: Single Carb: Dual Carbs: AIR CORRECTION: 1.75: 1.65: 2.00: EMULSION TUBE: F-11 : MAIN JET: 1.35: 1.60: 1.55: PUMP JET.50.80.50: IDLE JET.50.65.60: VENTURI: 36mm : NOTE: Drill 2mm Hole in each Throttle Valve of Single Carb. CB Performance rebuild kits contain both styles of pump diaphragms. 2-emulsion tubes (F7) for the IDF. Re: 44 IDF venturi size ??? Weber Idf Or Empi Hpmx Carburetor Idle Jet Doctor Fixes Popping Sound From Clogged Idle Jets from Pacific Customs Unlimited your best source for Street, Off Road, Sandrail, Dune Buggy, Manx, Rock Crawler, Volksrod, or Mud Buggy VW Parts. March, 2009 The bolt that holds the bell crank was not tight. Cool, you think, I will just bolt 'em up and run 'em. This size difference between the main and air … Good Idle. It started right up and idled, but seemed to load up and then blew black smoke when I reved it up. Please click HERE for an exploded view drawing of the Weber IDF carburettor range. Yellow73. Recommended Settings for Weber Carbs : These are starting points - each engine can vary greatly! 44 IDF Weber main venturi. Jetting Opinions for single 44 IDF Weber 03-14-2004 11:32 PM #1. Venturi for Weber and Empi 48 and 51mm Carbs. You're going to be needing some different jet sizes. 40-44 IDF Weber jetting 40-44 IDF Weber jetting. Denny-----Jetting Wednesday, 10-Jan-01 01:17:35 writes: How do you guys jet your carbs properly the first time? I've had 2 sets of Weber 44's with 36 vents on 2 different engines (both 1914 cc's). VIEW 48 SERIES 44 VENTURES PRO SERIES 18950-138 40 IDF 70 18890-030 44 IDF 71 19030-021 48 IDF 6 VIEW 40 SERIES Weber IDF Idle Jets Please specify exact sizes when ordering Jets & Venturi (.40, .55, .50, .55, .60, .65, .70, or .75) See our jetting chart to find the right size jet for your carbs. T1 Twin Genuine Weber 40 IDF Carburetor Complete Kit - In Stock £850.61 see more . Genuine Weber calibrated part. for IDFs, make the idle jet 1.25 the size of the throttle body. Mixture Screw Less than 1 turns out: Go down on the primary idle jet … I recently put a Weber 44 IDF single kit on it. Price: $19.90. The smaller the venturi, the higher the air speed entering the engine. Tuning Dual Weber IDF Carbs on the VW Type 1 Engine A fact - Weber carburetors never come out of the box clean or jetted perfectly for your engine. Each. 737-144. Weber IDF & IDA Air Jet, 77401 Price: $8.00 Item eligible for Econo/1st Class Mail shipment, min ship charge applies. Weber Carburetors, Linkage. Post Sep 10, 2008 #1 2008-09-10T15:19. Saturday, 23-Sep-00 12:52:35 . Main Jet for Weber DGV, DFV, ICT and Empi EPC Main Venturi's for 40 DCOE and 45 DCOE. Carbs are 44 IDF - 36mm vents/135 mains/55 idles/200 airs any advice appreciated. Click HERE for a diagram on setting the float level of the Weber IDF. Mixture Screw 1 turn out from lightly seated. Price: From $17.90 to $21.50. Any search for the ideal 2-barrel, progressive down-draft carburetor would surely end with the DGV Series. Anyone have recommendations about proper Jet sizes or parts availability? My engine is a 1915cc, 9.5:1 comp, W110 cam, 1 5/8" tri-mill exhaust, 009 distributor, and I believe stock or mild heads. Main jetting ranged from 135 to 165. This brings you to 150 main jet, you then plus 20 for the airs 170. Weber IDF Allen/Hex Idle Jet Holder, PAIR 44 IDF Idle: 60 Main 135 Air 175 Venturi choke tube 32 Aux Venturi 45 Since our efforts did not solve the tuning problems, in March, 2009 we decided to go back to the basics and start over. I am hoping to get pointed in the right direction to properly tune my carb. Look no further for versatility, wide adaptability, easy installation, low initial cost, trouble-free maintenance, excellent drivability, increased fuel economy and improved performance. using Redlines kit (92.3240.05) by . T1 Twin Genuine Weber 44 IDF Carburetor Complete Kit ... 3 Weeks) £935.45 see more . For example, a 40 IDF would need a 40 x 1.25 = 50 idle jet. Back off the Idle Speed Screw, then turn the screw in until it contacts the throttle lever and turn it in ½ turn. The most frequently asked question about our Weber kit is “Do I have to re-jet the carb for my engine?” Re-jetting is the last, and perhaps the most important function of install-ing the Weber conversion. Engine Size & Cam: Main Venturi: Main: Air: Idle Weber IDF carburetor parts. Weber IDF & IDA Main Jet, 73401 Price: $8.00 Item eligible for Econo/1st Class Mail shipment, min ship charge applies. After confirming the linkage allows the throttle lever to seat against the Idle Speed Screw. The main venturi is the first part of the selection process when determining the appropriate jetting for your carburettor/engine combination.