One of the most unique features of Bidar is the historic ‘Karez’ system (also known as Qanat) which is a water harnessing technology that originated in Iran/Persia. The ‘Karez’ system in Naubad village, Bidar is of great historic significance dating back to almost 500 years. The karez technology basically taps into the ground water sources (or natural springs) and transports it through an underground tunnel to the settlement, ending in surface canal and/or pools in the village for various uses like drinking, washing, ablution, watering livestock, and also further used for irrigating fields, orchards and gardens.


Visiting Hours

10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Point of Contact

District Administration, Bidar

Bidar by Road

Bidar, located at the north-eastern tip of Karnataka and bordering both Maharashtra and Telangana is very well connected by road. Both state transport and private buses ply frequently between Hyderabad and Bidar. Bangalore (690 km), Hospet (415 km), Gulbarga (113 km) and Sholapur (193 km) are well connected by road with Bidar.The Naubad Karez is located approximately 3.8 km west of the KSRTC bus stand in Bidar.

Bidar by Train

Bidar is well connected by train from Hyderabad and Bangalore with 4 daily trains from Hyderabad and  2 daily trains from Bangalore. Bidar is also connected by rail with Mumbai and Pune with trains plying once a week from Mumbai and thrice a week from Pune.

Bidar by Flight

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad located 150 km away, is the nearest airport.

Routes and Distance

Hyderabad to Bidar

145.7 km

Goa to Bidar

582.8 km

Mumbai to Bidar

588.8 km

Bangalore to Bidar

689.6 km

Chennai to Bidar

787.8 km

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